How It Works

If you have responsibility for a set of remote locations, you need KEEP. With an intuitive mobile app and powerful dashboard, KEEP lets you capture detailed information about those locations, make decisions, and take prompt action. In a nutshell, KEEP helps you protect your property, company, and brand.

KEEP lets you:

Capture Data and Photos

  • Perform custom audits, inspections, and assessments easily and efficiently
  • Easy-to-use mobile app allows anyone to collect data and photos
  • Photos are auto-tagged and organized in each location’s profile

Review and Evaluate

  • View comprehensive location profiles, including photo library, inspection history, and site details
  • Quickly review and analyze data using the intuitive dashboard
  • Evaluate real-time photos to see your location’s condition

Take Action

  • Spot potential issues in advance and be more proactive when you know the  condition of your locations.
  • Create reports and send notes or concerns to members of your team
  • Resolve problems before they become liabilities