KEEP Technology:
What we do

About KEEP


KEEP is a software solution for remote location intelligence. The technology allows anyone with a smartphone to capture data and photos from remote sites easily and efficiently. KEEP’s management tool then identifies non-compliant items and conditions so location owners and managers can take immediate action—create reports, send emails, and generate work orders—to resolve out-of-spec field issues with a click or a finger tap.


KEEP has two key elements:

  1. A data collection app allows anyone to capture customized and photo-verified field data.
  2. An online management tool and dashboard for:
    • Compliance inspections and audits
    • ADA compliance review and documentation
    • QA/QC reviews
    • Liability and risk assessments
    • Display, brand, and merchandising inspections
    • Site-specific condition reviews
    • Installation and construction progress reporting
    • Communications and data sharing